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The story

I bought My Triumph Spitfire in January 1987 for the sum of 100.00 from a professional restorer who didn't have the time to restore the car himself. I repaired the car over the next six months and put in for MOT in the summer of 1987. I used the car as my main form of transport for the next five years, it was garaged for restoration in 1992 where it sat for the next year or so. In 1994 I became friends with a garage owner who specialised in the restoration of Triumph cars. The car was moved to his workshops and restoration work began in May 1994. Work that was carried out to the car at this point included, all 3 sill panels and full length floor pans on both sides of the car, repairs to the areas front and back of the floor pans and sills. New lower "A" post panels and sill closers. New rear wings, repairs to inner rear wing panels, battery box and a new rear valance, see page 1 of pictures. A second hand bonnet was also purchased at this time.

To be completed!

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